Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two Year Old Run Over in China...and Ignored

A story has just surfaced about a two year old girl named Yueyue who became separated from her parents while shopping and tragically run over by two separate vehicles.

As horrific as this is, it is nothing in comparison to what 18 passing pedestrians did.


And why? Because in China you can be sued for being a Good Samaritan. 

Here are some images from the incident caught on CCTV.

This poor child was lying there bleeding as people just passed her by, indifferent to her cries of pain and suffering until one woman, a 'bag lady' had the courage to pull the child out of harms way.

Although the police have arrested the drivers of the vehicles, as of this Blog posting, Yueyue now lays in Intensive Care in Critical Condition and not expected to survive.

The news and social media outlets in China are ablaze with anger over the incident, but not just because the child was run over, but because of the total lack of compassion and the indifference to the child's suffering shown by the pedestrians.

Let us hope this kind of anger can bring about the social change needed to a nation that oppresses it people. 

My prayers are with Yueyue and her family.

UPDATE: Little Yueyue has passed away on October 21st at 12:32am.

Let's hope China can learn something from this

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The whole Occupy Wall Street thing...

With everyone blaming the rich for their financial failures in life, it would only stand to reason to protest Wall Street but I must make one thing perfectly clear, I fully support their Constitutional right to protest. With that being said they must realize they are wasting their time.

I just find it odd they can protest evil corporations and then take a break to go over to Starbucks for a $7.00 Latte while recording the events on their shiny iPhone.

Now, I understand the fact that Americans are upset over the fact that jobs get sent overseas for cheaper labor, Apple in China comes to mind.
I mean let's face it, how many times have you called Microsoft Customer Support and get someone with a thick Indian accent, "Hello my name is George, how may I help you?" Uuummm, your name isn't George, its Apu, just be honest and let's get this over with.

Here is how I would fix the problem, it's called the 'Keep it in America Act'. All corporations located in America must have all operations and bank accounts for it's business here in the states and not be allowed to have foreign labor. Any attempt to relocate your business overseas will result in heavy import taxes.

If you attempt to raise prices to compensate, people will just refuse to buy your product to teach you a lesson.