Sunday, October 16, 2011

The whole Occupy Wall Street thing...

With everyone blaming the rich for their financial failures in life, it would only stand to reason to protest Wall Street but I must make one thing perfectly clear, I fully support their Constitutional right to protest. With that being said they must realize they are wasting their time.

I just find it odd they can protest evil corporations and then take a break to go over to Starbucks for a $7.00 Latte while recording the events on their shiny iPhone.

Now, I understand the fact that Americans are upset over the fact that jobs get sent overseas for cheaper labor, Apple in China comes to mind.
I mean let's face it, how many times have you called Microsoft Customer Support and get someone with a thick Indian accent, "Hello my name is George, how may I help you?" Uuummm, your name isn't George, its Apu, just be honest and let's get this over with.

Here is how I would fix the problem, it's called the 'Keep it in America Act'. All corporations located in America must have all operations and bank accounts for it's business here in the states and not be allowed to have foreign labor. Any attempt to relocate your business overseas will result in heavy import taxes.

If you attempt to raise prices to compensate, people will just refuse to buy your product to teach you a lesson.


  1. Come on dude. You don't really understand the movement if this is what you takes away. First, we are not anti-product or anti-tech. The problem is gross corporate profits, high corp officers pay, outsourceing jobs, corps "are people", The Fed and central banks and a government that supports it.

    The 99% is you and I (where you claim the title or not).

  2. There is nothing wrong with making gross profits, that's purpose of free market, if you run a business to not make a profit, you're a charity. Celebrities make just as much as CEO's, but they are not lambasted because they are adored but still don't share what they make. I don't blame companies for not giving me a piece of the pie, because I have enough sense to realize, they don't have to