Thursday, May 26, 2011

Copyright Infringement with iMovie?

For those of you who use iMovie to edit your YouTube videos, you already know that there is a pretty good selection of copyright/royalty free music that we are allowed to use to score our videos. Lately, however, many YouTube users have been receiving copyright violation notices based on the music they use. This is a load of crap. According to Section 2c of the iMovie User License, you are allowed to use the music for broadcast purposes, even the television network Univision has utilized iMovie music in their novelas and commercial bumper segments.
I recently received a copyright notice about the music I used and of course, I appealed and won. However, I did not win outright, the alleged composer of the piece of music in question agreed with my appeal reasoning and there is now an ad on the video. According to the User Agreement, there was no copyright infringement so why is there an ad? I don't want an ad on my video if I am not violating copyright and not going to be paid for my work.
This is a serious issue that Steve Jobs and Apple need to address. There are a few famous YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Bubbiosity who regularly use iMovie music in there videos, are they getting warnings as well or is it being ignored because they generate revenue?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm entitled to freebies because I am rich

It has recently come to light that a man named Leroy Fick who won $2million in the Michigan State Lottery is still using his food stamps card (Bridge Card in Michigan) and has no guilt over doing so as is obvious by the video below:

Here's the problem, he's legally entitled to do it.

According to the guidelines, his lottery winnings are not considered income, they are considered liquid assets.

There is a serious problem with the system which reminds me of an incident I personally experienced.
Back in 1994, I went shopping at the local H-E-B Market. Having just paid my rent and scraping my pennies together, I went in and bought the cheapest stuff I could find, Ramen Noodles, three Macaroni and Cheese for $1.00, bologna, etc. I was standing in line to check out and ahead of me, there was an elderly man buying steak, ribs and a brisket which he proudly put on his Lone Star (food stamp) Card. When I finished checking out I went outside and saw this person loading up his brand new 1994 Cadillac (still with dealer plates) and driving off. WTF?!

The money Mr. Fick is sucking up from tax payers could easily go to someone who truly deserves it.

Hasta LaVista - I Make Babies

As we are aware of by now, Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a very naughty boy.
His recent admission to having an affair and fathering a 'love child' has created some outstanding late night talk show jokes and has created new names for the Hollywood icon, such as 'The Sperminator' or 'The Inpregnator'.

This is a man who had it all, money, fame,  power and destroyed his family's life in a single instance because he chose not to follow his moral compass. Pity? No, hardly, just a recognition of the trouble fame can bring you. Which is why I have successfully avoided it, although I could use the money.
He had several projects on the back burner for his return to film, one of which was a possible Terminator 5 (supposedly with Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn returning, which would have been sweet).

The liberal media has been swarming over this citing the hypocrisy of 'conservative values'.
Let's see:
1.) Ted Kennedy killed a woman
2.) JFK had an affair with Marilyn Monroe
3.) Bill Clinton was given a blow-job in The White House by Monika Lewinsky
4.) Barny Frank let his boy-toy run a Male Escort Service from his office
Yeah, Democrats are shining examples of values

In light of recent revelations by the former governor, he needs to just go ahead and retire. Any chance of his career returning to any sense of normalcy died along with the Conan the Barbarian franchise.

He currently has a net worth of $300Million...he can afford to call it quits.