Thursday, May 26, 2011

Copyright Infringement with iMovie?

For those of you who use iMovie to edit your YouTube videos, you already know that there is a pretty good selection of copyright/royalty free music that we are allowed to use to score our videos. Lately, however, many YouTube users have been receiving copyright violation notices based on the music they use. This is a load of crap. According to Section 2c of the iMovie User License, you are allowed to use the music for broadcast purposes, even the television network Univision has utilized iMovie music in their novelas and commercial bumper segments.
I recently received a copyright notice about the music I used and of course, I appealed and won. However, I did not win outright, the alleged composer of the piece of music in question agreed with my appeal reasoning and there is now an ad on the video. According to the User Agreement, there was no copyright infringement so why is there an ad? I don't want an ad on my video if I am not violating copyright and not going to be paid for my work.
This is a serious issue that Steve Jobs and Apple need to address. There are a few famous YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Bubbiosity who regularly use iMovie music in there videos, are they getting warnings as well or is it being ignored because they generate revenue?

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